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Da Sahar SToRaY asked Controls for the Grid Tie Single Phase Inverter for photovoltaic without DC-DC converter?

I am looking for the standards controls of grid tie single phase inverter for photovoltaic. I know for PV, they have MPPT tracker making PV to operate at its maximum. But I am looking for information about the control of Inverter? Comments please, I really appreciate.

And got the following answer:

By controlling the firing angle of the rectifier and the inverter, you control the flow of power. Either end can become rectifier or inverter by delaying the firing angle appropriately. The utility voltage end is fixed, but the load end you must control in order not blowout your appliances and light bulbs. I would suggest you mount an experiment in your garage with a fake load, battery bank, voltmeters, ammeter, thyristor bridges, etc., and see what happens. .

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