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lambaghini asked i want to make some cubes for my room using mdmf any instructions, idea of tools i'll need.?

i would like to make soom wooden cubes for my room to use as a wardrobe, made out of mdmf type wood, or something else cheap. i would like to make a hole in two of them so i could thread a rail through to hang my clothes that need hangers. i am looking for instructions to make them i have a power drill and a jigsaw? not sure how to get the hole in the top two though is there anywhere i can take the wood where someone could do it for me?

And got the following answer:

MDF is good and strong, no knots either! You'll need your drill, screws, I'd rather use a circular saw, for straighter cuts, and a large wooden dowel for the rod, and they sell cup type holder for those as well. Lowe's will cut the wood if you ghive them the measurments, some stores charge, others don't. But you don't need that hole if you find the rod holders! I knw Linen and Things sell one type, in wood, also avail. in plastic. Try watchiong the Christopher Lowell show, he works with MDF all of the time! Remember to prime it good before you paint it!

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