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bigberk asked How do I hook a 200 watt car amp to a home stereo system?

I have a vr3 200 watt vra two channel bridgeable amplifier and a 10 inch crossfire that are just layin around and i want to hook em up to a home stereo system that i have. I know i have to get a power inverter but what do I do about the ground wire or the remote wire? Also what gauge of wires will i need for that? Please help....

And got the following answer:

here is what you will need this power supply seems cheap to me for the rated amps but consider the amps you need to run the sub amplifer and there are many companies that make power supplies so do some research. 8 gauge wire should be fine for the + and - 16 to 20 gauge for the turn on wire and 14 to 12 gauge for the speaker wire. you will see a + and - on this picture that is where the wires are connected and the turn on wire will be hooked up to the + as well.

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