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kimanelike asked How can i synclonize solar power with inverter?

I want to connect my inverter to solar power system. can somebody tell me?

And got the following answer:

There are 2 distinct situations, each one is using a different type of inverter 1. For homes connected to the grid the inverter is connected to the solar panel on the DC side and the DC voltage and DC current rating should match. The inverter AC side is connected to the home and to the grid (power lines entering the home). The inverter synchronizes to the grid frequency (60 Hz in the USA). In essence the home is fed from a combination of the inverter power and grid power. View this link 2. For off grid homes (not connected to power lines) the solar panel is connected through a charge controller to a bank of storage batteries. The batteries are connected to the DC side of the "pure sine inverter". The DC voltage rating and current rating of the battery and the inverter should match. The inverter has a self synchronization to AC correct frequency (60 Hz in the USA). View the link

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