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Bless asked why has my ball python been active during the day?

Yea so i bought a normal hatchling ball python from LLL Reptile. Shes one of the most beautiful normals i have ever seen. Ive had her for about 2 months now, and usually after i feed her she will stay hiding for a couple of days and then she will only be active at night which is normal. A couple of days ago after i fed her, i realized she was coming out and exploring in the middle of the day! Or she will sit with her head sticking out of the hide. I just wanna make sure that nothing is wrong with my baby. Her hot side has a UTH and is 86-89 degrees, and her cool side is 78-82. I use a fogger and heat lamp in cooperation with the hygrotherm temp and humidity controller. Why is she suddenly behaving this way?? This is my first python Please respond help is much appreciated! 🙂 My fogger doesnt make the tank too humid i have it hooked up to the $150 hygrotherm temperature and humidity controller with probe that monitors everything for me.

And got the following answer:

Your temperatures sound right. However, foggers are crap. They make the enclosure too humid and can cause respiratory infections. If you keep your snake with a screen top, get a Plexiglas piece cut, drill air holes in it, and replace the screen with it. Then, you can just gently mist once a day without the cage becoming too humid. Sometimes when a snake moves around restlessly they can't find a comfortable spot in the tank to just relax... toy with your temps a bit.

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