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mojo asked Grout Removal from the tile?

I need to remove grout from a tile shower. I have the cheap handheld saw grout removing tool - stinks. The hammer and screwdriver as a chisel is slow and I don't want to break the tile. I saw an attachment for a Dremel but I only have a small cordless 7.5 V Dremel. Is there a tool I can attach to a drill or my smaller Dremel without having to buy a bigger Dremel?

And got the following answer:

I am not aware of a tool that attaches to a drill. The dremel multi tool has an attachment that is especially for this. It will cost about $150 for the tool and this attachment but it will make easy work of this. Rockwell, Fein, and bosch also make similar multi tools. Another place that sells some off brand multi tools that are a bit cheaper is Harbor Freight tools.

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