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david r asked Solar panel, grid tie inverter, how is the electricity utilized?

I want to install a plug in grid tied inverter, but the meter only spins one direction, crediting the utility co. When appliances are plugged into sockets being supplied by the inverter, do the appliances get all of the needed electricity from the panels, or does it alternate with electricity from the grid? If thats the case does that mean half the electricity created in the daytime would have to go to the grid and some of what the appliances need would come from the grid, even if the panels could provide all the needed electricity otherwise?

And got the following answer:

All of the electricity produced by your solar system would first be consumed by your house. If the solar system is producing less than the required power for your house (the most likely scenario), the extra power will come from the grid. In the rare event your solar system is producing more power than your house needs it might start flowing back onto the grid and spinning your meter backward depending on how your house is connected to your utility providers grid. I would contact them and ask what their policy on this is. In some areas utilities will actually buy the power from you and a higher price than what they sell it to you for.

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