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asked How to wire an alternator to hook up to a inverter?

The alternator i believe has a built in regulator has 3 prongs coming out of it. I am hooking this up to a micro hydro power to create some power from a creek on my property.

And got the following answer:

Have the alternator charge "a battery". Then the the inverter draws current from the battery's capacity. An average lead acid car battery has hundreds of "cold cranking amps" to supply to a load. (A Load is a starter motor, OR an inverter.) The average alternator can supply maybe as much as 20 amps (briefly). Without a battery the inverter will probably just keep tripping out every time you try to start it. A single lead acid battery has much more capacity than the output of "an alternator". For micro hydro, wind , or solar voltaic power generation you'd do best to have a "bank of batteries" so as not to have so much demand on one single battery all of the time.

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