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Steve asked What is the difference between full arc and partial arc admission on a steam turbine?

I work at a power plant and am currently doing turbine qualifications. I need to know what the difference between the two are, can you have both and what are advantages/ disadvantages to each. If you have a link to a site, that would be great as well. Tried the google thing and no luck (at least not what I was looking for). Thanks.

And got the following answer:

Under full arc admission mode the turbine (typically 4 control valves on most common GE turbines) all control valves are open almost equal position (with usually the #4 valve controlling trim operation). The advantage of full arc, especially on new turbines, is the steam is admitted to the nozzle block evenly which allows the material to temperature soak in evenly. This reduces the likelihood that material creep will be introduced to the nozzle block. The disadvantage is that you have a great throttle loss due to the valves not being wide open and therefore your HP efficiency (and potentially your turbine output) could be reduced. Partial arc would be for example if you had 3 admission control valves in a wide open (or nearly wide open) position with the 4th valve in a trim operation. This mode is more efficient and is the standard running mode for most turbines.

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