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Joe B asked Can't find LED Christmas lights?

I look for these lights every year, but can't find them. Okay, at Home Depot they have an artificial tree on display with the purest, most piercing colors. Specifically, the gamut in this set includes purple and blue. After some searching, I have found that the model on display is the following: Sylvania 7 Ft. Pre-Lit Augusta Pine Tree with 300 Multi-Color LED M5 Lights Model # V68026-48 I've tried a set of the Sylvania multi-colored LED with similar shaped bulbs as on their tree, but the colors are wrong (i.e. too much yellow and red and not enough on the blue/ purple end). Is this a case of a manufacturer making sure no real tree looks as good as their fake tree?

And got the following answer:

Try these...they have a lot of purple and blue.

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