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mama412 asked If I am away all winter what temperature should my thermostat be set...?

I am away from november through may and usually leave my thermostat set at 50 degrees. I feel this may be too cold? I live in the northeast part of the country and the winters can be pretty brutal... What is the best temperature my thermostat should be programed to?

And got the following answer:

Is it feasible for you to drain your plumbing system? If so, you can safely turn your heat OFF in the winter. Just be sure you get all the water out of everything; water heaters, toilets, fixtures, icemakers, drain traps... EVERYTHING. I help my brother do this with his lake cabin every year, and it takes the two of us an entire day to get it done. Of course, the cabin only has a wood stove and cannot be left 'wet' over the winter when nobody is there. If that's something you are unable to do, keep in mind that you want heat to penetrate walls and floors to keep pipes from freezing. Open cabinets and vanities that have sinks in/on them to help air circulate around the plumbing. Keeps doors to rooms open. If you've been safely lowering your heat to 50, I'd stick with that. The cost of making plumbing repairs, not mention flood damage, can quickly offset any savings in fuel you might get from a couple extra degrees.

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