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Rupert8 asked How should I ground this inverter?

I have a Tiger Claw 1500 watt inverter running a small workshop. It is connected to a deep cycle battery which charges from 45 watt solar panels. The inverter has a ground terminal which is grounded to a copper stake with #8 wire. The workshop and batteries and panels are not grounded. It works great but GFI protectors don't work and my UPS says there is a ground fault. While it seems to work, I am worried something is not right somewhere and that it might be unsafe. I measured across the neutral and ground terminals on the inverter and there is 0.5 volts or so. How can I remedy this ground fault? Can I ground the output AC side? Should I ground the neutral battery terminal? Many thanks!

And got the following answer:

Normally the neutral is wired to the ground buss in the service entrance panel. Since you don't have it hooked up to service entrance, the neutral and ground connection would have to be tied together at the inverter. Unless there's something I'm missing, that should already be that way inside the inverter.

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