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Mr C asked Furnace hot water temperature from 180 to 160 will I save money?

The hot water furnace that heats my house water temperature is set at 180 degress if I lower that to 160 are 140 will I save money??

And got the following answer:

Yes.. but some days on coldest days you may need it to do the job of heating. In the mild days it isn't necessary to keep it that hot. Also if that hot, it stands to over shoot your room temps and cause you to feel to warm. Good heated water systems have a control called outside temperature compensating thermostats. And can be adjusted to different temp ratios. Most are set at 1 to 1. Beginning point is as follows: When the outside air is 70 degrees F the control sets the heat water temp at 100 degrees F. As the outside temp drops one the degree the inside water temp goes up one degree and so forth. Proper manual or automatic compensating of temps according the days temp will save lots and provide more even comfort. Rangefinder

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