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David asked Whats the proper way to clean my fish tank?

I bought one of those 10 gallon Tetra fish tanks that comes with the LED lights and filter and heater about 2 months ago. I have 4 tetra in the tank and I siphon about 25% of the water out while sucking up as much of the waste in the gravel as possoble once a week. I also add 1 tsp of the Tetra Aqua Safe Plus water conditioner after ever water change. I feed the fish only once a day a little pinch of food as I have heard over feeding is easy to do. I feel like there should be more that I should be doing to keep the tank cleaner and the fish happy. I had 5 tetra in there at one point but he died about 3 days later. I just assumed that maybe 5 tetras in a ten gallon was over crowded so I did not replace him. I am just wondering if there is anything else I should be doing to the tank to keep the fish happy. Like for example should I ever do a 100% water change? I also have brown algae growing on the fake plants and heater when should I clean that up?? Any other tips I should know about??

And got the following answer:

Never do 100% water changes on a cycled tank! Also, 25% water changes are only required if you have a fully stocked tank. There are a bunch of tetra species so you have to be more specific. A good rule to follow is 1 gallon per inch. Let's say each tetra's max size is 2" then you'd need roughly 2 gallons for each tetra. If you're still really concerned about the tank then buy water testing strips, however an actual water test kit is more effective, and test your water. If the readings are in a safe level then your tank is okay. If not, then google how to fix that issue. Good luck!

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