fish tank led lights

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Destery Vanity asked What is the best brand of bowl/tank for my fish?

My fish, Flame, is a betta, lives by himself, and I want to get about a 1 and a half - two gallon bowl/tank for him. I want something average and not so fancy like the ones with LED lights or the ones with a light shining RIGHT down on my fish. I don't think he'd like that. I also want something that could fit on my desk. My desk is about 3 feet long and about 2 ft wide. I want to get something thats roomy so I can put a lot of things in the bowl/tank so he can play and get his daily excersize. For any fish/ past fish owners. Do you have any recommendations? I'm trying to look for stuff on amazon/ebay thats not so expensive, under 40 bucks, and has nothing to do with lighting but I only find 2000000 gallon fish tanks, the ones with LED lights, .5 gallon glass fish bowl (which he is already swimming in, if not bigger) and then a few different sized plastic fish bowls, which I don't know if it's okay to get those because I thought they were bad. So two questions I guess, what is the best brand of bowl/tank for my little friend and is plastic okay or not recommended?

And got the following answer:

Are you serious?!! Keep the tank you're having now! Betta's need a lot of space, people think they can put them in jars, just because they don't swim that much, but they really need a big tank I have mine in a 10gallon tank now, together w/ 8 cardinal tetra's and a pleco, but that other fish don't really matter, because betta's live on the surface, cardinals in the middle and plecos on the bottom And I feel bad for my betta because actually he needs a 60cm tank (mine is 50cm) You should better buy a bigger tank, at least 50cm, and just rectangle shaped on, they cost only 35$ or so, you won't find them in pet stores, go to a specialized aquariumstore Also, buy a filtre, and a heater, and living plants, and UV light And a fish doesn't need anything to play with, a fish doesn't play, they need things to discover, so buy natural (looking) things like rocks and wood, no flashy colored plastic plants and stuff, they'll irritate your fish and give him stress

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