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shannon052865 asked Can anyone help with an idea I have for a butterfly centerpiece?

So I have a really vague idea for a wedding centerpiece. I was thinking using cylindrical vases (filled with water) and filling the bottoms with clear or colored marbles and hiding a LED light so they glow. I would like to suspend a butterfly in the middle of the vase, but I'm not sure how I would do that. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this? Or ideas on how to improve on this idea? Maybe grouping a few different vases of different heights with flowers and butterflies?

And got the following answer:

Rather than suspending the butterfly- which would present the problem of how to hide the thing you use to suspend it from, why not create a frame of thin florists wire to support it from the BOTTOM of the vase? Florists wire is virtually invisible, and it is quite strong. You can often buy silk butterflies with a piece of it already attached. Use some of those LED novelty ice cubes for the lights- they ONLY work once there is water covering them. Plus they change colours so it creates a very attractive ambience. I did a butterfly thing for my wedding, slightly different to the track you are looking at though. I made several thousand origami butterflies of different sizes and scattered them through the hall. I made 60 large ones (about 8cm across) that I wrote the names of each individual guest on for place cards, a couple of hundred in a slightly smaller size that I sprayed with glue and rested in float bowls with candles as centrepieces and LOTS of tiny ones about 2cm across that I used as table scatters. I had been only intending to make the big ones, but I found I really enjoyed the folding and the tiny butterflies were actually made from paper torn from notebooks and magazines when I got bored with sitting around waiting to meet with people while planning the wedding!

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