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FudgeNouget asked What type of light bulb is better than fluorescent light bulbs?

I know that there is a light bulb that is better than a fluorescent light bulb because i heard of it at a earth day event. Im not sure but i think the person said that it was brighter and conserves more energy than a fluorescent light bulb. The only reason that it isnt used as much is because it is much more expensive than a fluorescent light bulb. Can someone tell me what type of light bulb this is?

And got the following answer:

"Better" is a relative term. Better than what? Fluorescent is "better" than incandescent in terms of energy use, but they (or any lights that flicker) are not very good for reading. They cause headache in some people. An LED bulb is "better" than incandescent and fluorescent in terms of energy use and shock resistance. They also last a lot longer than any other common type of light. Sodium or mercury vapor lamps are "better" than any of those for lighting up a stadium. If you are going to ask which is better, you need to tell the person you are asking what you intend to do with the light.

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