fluorescent lights

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Crazy Pie Lady asked How do you get rid of fluorescent lights?

You are not supposed to throw them away, so I have a few 48 inch burnt out fluorescent lights and I don't know what to do with them. Please help!!! ):/

And got the following answer:

You could bust them in a bag,,, and put them in the regular trash. The amount of hazardous substance is so small,,, it could not even be detected in a land fill,,,,, However,,,, if you are just bent on saving the planet,, and nothing wrong with that if you are.... contact your city/county etc.,,, or call a Hazardous Waste Disposal Company - (this is not a joke),,,, Fluorescent lights are classified as Universal Waste for a business or industrial plant, and they must be kept and disposed of as a hazardous waste, under the Universal Waste rules, just like mercury switches, etc. To prevent this problem in the future,,,, purchase the Green Tip fluorescent lights,,, which are hazardous material free,, and can be tossed in the regular trash with no impact on your environmental karma.

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