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Mememe asked Are there climate controlled storage facilities (like Public Storage int he US) in the Philippines?

Hello everyone, I need a place to store my goods (mostly furniture and clothes) for a few months in Manila in between moves. Do climate-controlled storage facilities (like Public Storage) exist in the Metro Manila area? If so, any links or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Thank you for your answer. I actually have some things that would be sensitive to that kind of heat (35 deg). So there are no air-conditioned, self-storage centers in Manila? Thanks again.

And got the following answer:

The climate and humidity in Manila is almost constant(25C ~35) year round unlike the US with four seasons. I don't think it is necessary to store your furnitures and clothes in a temperature controlled room. You may just wrap them with the plastic sealable wrap and put a bag of desiccant inside to absorb moisture. I have no idea where that kind of storage is but there are facilities to keep foods fresh. Like vegetables, fruits, frozen items.

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