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Daniel R asked what make and model of chest freezers should I use to make a kegerator?

Hi, I want to make a kegerator. I bought a 3" (diameter) tower and the accesories for my homebrew. Before that, I saw an article online about making your own kegerator... But now, Im not sure about the make and model I should get. Please help!

And got the following answer:

Make and model does not really matter. I made one with the cheapest one that they had at lowes which is made by GE. Energy consumption is also something to look at!! You may want to stay away from majic chef brand, it is made in china and is crap. Go to, or another brewing store and buy a temperature controller. It plugs in to the wall, and you plug the freezer in to it, so it shuts off when the right temp is reached, and turns on as your freezer warms a couple degrees. A chest freezer will probably not maintain a tight temperature range, and could freeze your beer easily, so the controller is needed.

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