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Victor asked How to calculate how fast a liquid is cooling?

I was wondering about how to calculate how fast a liquid (Water for example) will cool from it's current temperature to for example fridge temperature? There should also be a part of the equation addressing the size of the container An example: a 1,5 litre bottle of water at 20°C (68°F) is put into a fridge - at 5°C (41°F). When will the water reach 5°C? Thank you.

And got the following answer:

This an extremely complex problem - no easy equation available. If you control the process in some predictable fashion, you can make the calculations easier. The problem involves the heat capacity of the fluid, the temperature difference between the fluid and the air above it, the heat capacity of the air above it, the fluid characteristics of the fluid to the extent that they relate to convection within the fluid, the flow of air across the top, if any, they thermal properties of the container holding the fluid, the thickness of the container, the temperature outside the container. In a fridge, the problem also involves the control circuitry for the refrigerator, when the conmpressor turns on or off - and the temperature and thermal properties of everything in the refrigerator. Good luck.

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