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Lilith asked who makes a LED color changing snowflake/snowman once found at Menard's?

A local business in my area has these amazing christmas light they put up each year. 2 large window snowflakes and a Snowman. The lights go from red to green, to purple, to blue, to yellow to red in a seamless fashion, much like those small musical LED lights you can find at a Family Dollar store. I asked the business owner where he got them and he said he purchased them 2 years ago or so from a Menard's Hardware, but couldn't remember who makes them. I'd love to find them for my own decorating purposes but can't find anything like them. Any help would be appreciated. They do what the lights in this video from youtube do, however they are much much larger and rather than fade from color to color, they start at one point and the color "wraps" around then changes again. In kind of a clockwise motion. The snowflakes actually look like the small one featured, but again the colors start at the top point and change in a clockwise motion.

And got the following answer: ???? try re posting your question with an address for the picture Menards has a website

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