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Christine asked Which power drill for this hole saw?

Okay, this is all so confusing to me, I don't even know where to begin... 1. I want to drill small (16-25mm - haven't decided) holes in 2-3mm aluminum sheet. Are the parts listed below compatible with each other? And am I missing anything, like an arbor for the hole saw? Drill: Hole Saw Mandrel: 16mm Hole saw: 17mm Hole saw: 3. I also want to drill and tap (?) the aluminum so I can use M3 screws. Will this combo dril/tab bit be compatible with the power drill listed above and will I need anything else? Drill and Tap bit: Thank you!

And got the following answer:

Those hole saws you show are for thicker materials, not sheet metal. Search for "metal hole punch" or "metal knockout punch". But you might be able to use these saws if you back up the metal with a chunk of wood to prevent binding. But I wouldn't consider that on sheet metal with a hand drill.

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