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Alex Assyia asked How do i make a power inverter 12v dc input to 220 v ac output?

I am trying to take a 12v dc power supply and make it be able to run a raido or light up a light or smothing along those lines. How could i build a power inverter to do this? And also would i just be able to take apart some old electonics at home to find one of these? -Thanks

And got the following answer:

The power supplies in some old computers will possibly run on about 100 volts dc instead of ac. Modifying it to work on 12 volts is likely difficult and modifying the oscillator to produce 60 hertz (instead of the much higher design frequency) is likely also difficult. Laptop computers are typically powered by about 19 volts dc, but the parts are tiny making modifications difficult. Worse about 100 watts would be the most you could hope for. Yes buy, don't build an inverter. Neil

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