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fuzzydragon921 asked What kind of power inverter do i need to play a ps3 and power a 15 inch tv on a 12vdc?

Im going to go on a small road trip and dont feel like being bored on the way. I have a 400 watt power inverter at the moment. would that be enough to run a ps3 and a small tv?

And got the following answer:

The inverter should be plenty for the PS3. An Xbox360 is rated at 200W or so, and I cannot imagine the PS3 is much different. If you are lucky, you might be able to connect the TV directly to 12V. If not, I think it woild fit within the limits of the inverter along with the PS3. You just need to add the watt rating on each, which should be no more than 80% of the rating on the inverter.

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