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KRC asked How do i separate a screwdriver's tip that is wedged inside the screwdriver's neck?

The tip of the screwdriver is wedged firmly inside the neck of the screwdriver. The screwdriver has a modular design, with different sized tips that you can use on various screws. When trying to wiggle the two pieces on each other, I can feel some space in there but it feels very small. The tip is around 3" long, with a phillips type at the end, and the neck of the screwdriver is removeable (together with the tip) and is around 4.5" long. It cannot be rotated around because the two apparently meet together with an octagon shape. I have tried to put some WD-40 at the point where the two pieces of metal meet, but i can't see well enough to know that it worked. Didn't feel any difference before and after the WD-40. ANY tips, suggestions, or help would be appreciated. Thanks Oh yes i forgot to mention... throwing away the screwdriver is not an option Ray's suggestion worked, problem is solved thanks!!

And got the following answer:

Secure the screwdriver in a vice. Clamp a pair of vice grips on the tip and hit the vice grips with a hammer.

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