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FishRfine asked Lab grade temperature control valve for automatic aquarium water change system?

Ok, I need to find a laboratory grade temperature control valve, that can keep water flowing through it at 80 degrees with accuracy within less than half a degree. I am building an automatic water change system, and this is the one part I cannot find. Does anyone know where I can find one? Also, it needs to be capable of taking a fairly large flow, as the tank is 220 gallons.

And got the following answer:

All I can think of is to try a plumbers supply centre. Its the type of thing that a household central heating system might use Unfortunately I cant be any more specific - wrong continent! All my water delivery systems use 'push-fit' plastic plumbing pipework that leads from my ro unit To do water changes I open one set of taps and drain straight into my outside drains then refill by reversing the flow so water from the ro unit goes straight into the tank. I add any minerals or nutrients through my filtration systems. It was a nightmare to set up but especially now since I've recently had a stroke it makes life so much easier to do water changes. My biggest tank is around 300imp gallon and I don't think I'd manage to carry enough buckets without falling over several times to do water changes without the pipework

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