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K0p4c asked Which tool set is better?

I am looking for a quality set that has just the basics, which is better? The second one is made to be the most comfortable but i don't know if i should worry about that or not. OR

And got the following answer:

Neither. Really, get a tool box and get what you need as you need it, because those sets they always have "useless" stuff and they're always missing what you really need. And they tend to be not to have the best quality pieces. For basics I'd get a 4-in-1 magnetic screwdriver, hammer (16 oz), channellocks, crescent wrenches (6" and 10"), pliers, utility knife, tapemeasure, bullet level and maybe a wood chisel set. This will get you through most lightweight household jobs. Then I'd get a cordless drill. A 9.6V one will do fine. My very favorite hand tools? That'd be my 20oz Estwing mason's hammer and a Vaughn "Superbar" nail puller.

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