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Patrick asked Difference between impact wrench and impact driver?

I think I need an impact tool. I have the chance to buy a used impact wrench (Dewalt) but unsure of the difference between that and an "impact driver". The impact wrench is electrical. Are they if effect one and the same. Would I assume I could easily remove bolts from a tire to change it? Would I also assume I need a series of sockets for it to fit? THANKS to all for concise responses!!

And got the following answer:

I have a dewalt 18v cordless impact driver and a pneumatic impact wrench. basically they are the same thing but the impact wrench is stronger. The dewalt is easily strong enough to remove lugnuts but it will wear out pretty quickly if you do a lot of work like that with it. Its main awesomeness is in driving big screws without stripping them. I used to use a cordless drill for stuff like that and when I switched it was like a chorus of angels started singing... now my drills just drill and the driver does all the screws and light bolts. For the bolts there is an adapter that has the back end of a screwdriver bit and the front of a 1/4 inch socket. you can then get an adapter from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch socket. Just remember to get stuff specifically for impact drivers/wrenches or you'll snap them.

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