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ccgirl7303 asked How does a Ford F150 locate your tools for you?

The commercial that was on during the Yankees/Phillies game 11/1 said the Ford F150 can locate your tools for you. I checked the Ford site and can't find anything. Was it just supposed to be funny? Or is there some element to the truck that keeps track of tools?

And got the following answer:

Ford offers an optional RFID-based scanning system / toolbox setup ("Tool Link") on the 2009 and up F150s, Super Duty and E-Series van models. It's a dealer option, so it may be possible to retrofit it. Basically, you tag your major tools, kits and equipment with an RFID tag and catalog it into the system's inventory database. Via an in-dash touchscreen (which also offers other business features), the system can tell you whether the tag is present in any of the toolboxes or other scanned locations, and which location it's in. DeWalt has partnered with Ford on this system, and you can find a pretty good article on their site:

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