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buickluv asked Solar panel on apartment porch?

I would like to buy a solar panel to put on our apartment porch and then plug it into our power outlet on the porch to feed back into the grid...I know we wouldn't be making a huge difference but it should help out power bill a little since we get very full sun almost all of the time. How can I get this done?

And got the following answer:

Hey Luv, the easiest way to accomplish this is with a device called a microsine inverter. There are basically 2 models out there. One is built by Trace engineering, or was, I think they stopped making them in about 2005, but there are plenty on ebay. It is called the OK4U micro sine inverter. It mounts on the back of a solar panel, and converts the panel out put to 120 volts AC, then plugs into a normal outlet. The other is built by Enphase, same basic device. But to be honest, I wouldn't recommend doing it. Mainly for the reasons already listed by your other answers here, and a few more. Using renewable energy is more than just technology. Trying to overpower our situation, by buying devices like panels, and micro inverters, then adding them to the already mixed up grid does nothing to address our ignorance of how we live. It is more about our lifestyle. We are constantly making new devices to fix the problems of our old devices, then having to maintain or replace both of them in time, each one using more energy than having none in the first place. The first key to living a greener life is to reduce our usage of energy, and other things. It is much cheaper and easier to plug phantom loads like cell phone chargers and VCR's into a power strip, then turn off the strip when we are not using them, then to buy a solar panel and use it to power these idiotic loads in the first place. About 12 years ago, we were looking into doing exactly what you're suggesting now. In the end, we bought one 50 watt panel, a couple golf cart batteries and started making our own 12 volt power. It originally ran our low voltage under cabinet lights in the kitchen. Then we added a 12 volt radio/CD player, and some 12 volt outlets in the other rooms for small electronics. We learned a lot, and were producing some of our own power we could use to offset out homes electric bill. The real bonus came when the power was off one day, but we still had lights and a radio running. Now our entire home is powered by a 1.4 kilowatt solar array and a 900 watt wind turbine. We use solar water batch preheaters for hot water, and a wood stove is our primary heat. Our electric bill last month was $6.55, about average for our home now. If you really want to accomplish something, get that panel, then do some research and learn how to use it to charge some inexpensive batteries, and start running your laptop off it. Later add some LED cabinet lights and stuff like that. It's more fun, educational, and really gets you into the process. Putting the panel and microinverter on the porch rail and plugging it in is like going camping at the Hilton. In the end the outdoor experience is not very fulfilling. There are some great publications and websites you can check out, my personal favorite is Home Power Magazine. It's inexpensive, and really gets into the nuts and bolts of renewable energy. Several years ago they even ran an article on our little 12 volt home sized system. If you subscribe, you can use their search engine to look up specs and wiring diagrams on our system in their archived articles site, just look for, "Small System First." Do some homework, ask more questions, and get involved. Did you know there are over 100,000 homes and businesses in the US alone today that use solar power for at least part of their electric power? That's good news. The number is increasing each day because of people like you. Good luck Buick, and take care, Rudydoo

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