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Pat asked Is anyone qualified to give medical advice?

I fell down in my workshop today and there was a screwdriver propped up in a weird way. Basically, what happened is I sat down on it and it jammed up inside me pretty hard. I tried pulling it out and I think I tore something. I'm standing up right now typing. Is the emergency room a good idea or should I wait til the morning and see my normal doctor? MHnurseC you are a Jedi of words, sir.

And got the following answer:

So, what you are saying is that a screwdriver went up your a ss? Assuming what you are saying is true, the inability to sit is the least of your problems. By now, you would be in excruciating pain from a bowel perforation unless, that is, you expect me to believe that the screwdriver can flex to turn corners. Anyway, if you truly got poked in the brown eye with a hand tool, the ER is a good place to go. There, they may order an colonoscopy and head up into your nethers with a video camera looking for a perforation. Good Luck

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