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zitro_divad asked are there any risks in using gravity boots?

u know those boots u use to hang youself upside down? like hanging from your ankles? sometimes i like to just hang there for a minute or two, it this wrong in any way? are there any risks in using the gravity boots in any way?

And got the following answer:

A medical study published in 1983 by Dr. Goldman and colleagues showed that inverted patients experienced an increase in blood pressure and internal eye pressure. The media widely reported the study, warning that stroke was a potential result of inversion. Two years following the inversion study, Dr. Goldman reversed his original position, stating, "New research shows that you are at no more of a stroke risk hanging upside down than if you are exercising right side up." More in-depth research found that the body actually has mechanisms that prevent damage from hanging upside down. In fact, while oscillating (inverting with movement), some of the patients' blood pressure actually dropped a few points. Experienced inverters also showed slower heart rates while inverted than when upright. (*Note: these studies were based on patients in generally good health. Make sure you review contraindications prior to inverting.) Check out the following links for more infor

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