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HotShower asked My pumped power shower is only giving hot water and cuts out completely at low temperature? Help!?

When I turn the shower on it starts to run before it then cuts out - it has worked fine for several months (we just moved in) - but now when I turn the shower on it cuts out after about 5 seconds; it comes back on again but only at high temp suggesting that the thermostat is malfunctioning. Any suggestions as to what to try welcome!

And got the following answer:

It may be something as silly as the shower head beginning to plug up. The increased pressure in the head causes the anti-scald feature in the valve to malfunction and starts trying to over correct.. Take the shower head off and soak in CLR or vinegar and re-install. If there are any water saver restrictors, throw those away. I had that issue once and that was all that it was.

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