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Jayne K asked Is there any way I can increase the water pressure in our bathroom, without having to buy new equipment?

We rent a one-family house which has a regular bathroom with a tub and shower upstairs. Downstairs, in an unfinished basement, there is also a half-bath with just a toilet/sink/shower.Tihe hot water tank is in the basement. We just can't seem to get any water pressure when we are trying to take a shower upstairs or when we work at the kitchen sink. We have lived here since April 24, 2006. Our landlord lives right next door. I hate to bother them if there is nothing that can be done anyway. Any ideas/suggestions/thoughts? It is also very hard to regulate the water temperature in the shower as far as hot and cold. It seems to be either very hot or very cold before you finally get it adjusted.

And got the following answer:

Your regulator valve (controls the pressure from the main line) may be going bad (if you have one). They are pretty much standard these days. You may need to empty your hot water heater and "backflush" your water lines. It could also be as simple as checking your shower head and kitchen taps (anywhere you have low pressure) for mineral deposits like calcium...just take them off and remove any buildup and replace.

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