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CobMan151 asked How to add a 2nd battery to an F-150 in order to run a 24 volt inverter?

I will be buying a truck (F-150) in the next year or so and I will be needing mobile power for power tools, air compressors, lights & whatnot. I don't want to worry about moving, maintaining or fueling a separate generator. The most powerful inverters are of the 24 volt variety but most non-deisel trucks are only 12 volt (1 battery). How difficult is it to add a 2nd battery to a 12 volt truck in order to run a 24 volt inverter, but still provide the truck and all its 12 volt systems with normal power? If anyone knows about this type of thing, please let me know what needs done. Thank you. Also, I plan on upgrading the truck's alternator to keep those 2 batteries charged and the inverter well-fed when under heavy use.

And got the following answer:

Add two additional batteries in the bed somewhere, this will be for your inverter. Connect the + end of inverter to one battery (lets call this battery A) + terminal. Then connect the - end of inverter to the other battery (battery B) - terminal. Connect battery B + terminal to battery A - terminal. Now run a wire from your alternator and connect it to only one of these batteries. This will result in the two batteries being setup in a 24 volt configuration, and being trickle charged by the alternator. If you use the inverter for a very long period of time, it will drain the batteries, and will take awhile to recharge. However, if you only use them in short period of time you should not see them go dead. I would suggest using deep cell batteries, as these will last longer before being drained, though will provide less immediate power. Deep cell batteries offer a little less power, but for longer period of time. RE: Pilsner Man By connecting the alternator to only one battery, the two batteries and the alternator at in parallel (IE 12V), while the two batteries and the inverter are in a series (IE 24V). One just need to be sure to only connect the alternator to a single battery.

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