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Brandon asked How to keep lizard tank humidity up?

I have a sub-adult Chinese water dragon whose tank need to be from 60-80% humidity, but it still remains at around 20%. I mist it about 4 times throughout the day, which brings the humidity up to around 50% for only 30 minutes, then it drops back down. I keep him in a 50 gallon plastic tote, which has a top that is 75% plastic and 25% screen. The substrate in cypress mulch. How can I keep the humidity up???

And got the following answer:

I would recommend an automatic mister or fogger system with a regulator; the regulator will kick the mister/fogger on and off and maintain the humidity for whatever you set the regulator for. That would be the most aggressive/accurate way to keep the humidity maintained. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: (This regulator will regulate humidity and basking temp at the same time.)

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