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FourHead asked How is an inverter driven 3-phase motor different from one driven by a 3-phase supplied by the public grid?

Can one work in place of the other? I am working on a piece of equipment which uses an inverter drive. i have been advised that if there is a drive problem both the motor and the drive have to be replaced. I have found that the motor has open windings.

And got the following answer:

A standard motor can often be used if certain details of the inverter and installation assure that switching voltage transients will not damage the standard motor winding insulation. Also, there may be a need for special motor cooling provisions. In some applications, the motor may be equipped with shaft speed and position sensor. If the motor is operated at a frequency that is higher than the public grid frequency, it may need special bearings and other provisions for high speed and high frequency operation. There are other factors that could prevent a standard motor from being used. Most inverter drives have been used with standard motors or "off-the-shelf" inverter duty motors, but equipment manufacturers are likely finding reasons to use motors that are unique to the driven equipment.

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