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casey asked I pay $95 per month for land line phone service with Bell South, should I switch to Comcast Digital for $39?

The $95 per month includes unlimited long distance but the $39 with comcast also is unlimited long distance. Should I switch? Actually we do like voice mail and use call forwarding often. Unlimited long distance is a necessity.

And got the following answer:

Wow $95/mo is crazy! Even $39/mo is pricey. Vonage is $25/mo and has all the features and unlimited long distance to US, Canada and a few other countries. Unless Comcast is giving you high speed internet AND digital phone service for $39, it's not a good deal. Even Vonage isn't the cheapest. Callcentric has excellent reviews and is $20/mo for unlimited US and Canada calling. Future Nine is $13.50/mo and is good for 3000 minutes/mo outgoing and 3000 minutes/mo incoming. If you look at the fine print on any "unlimited" plan, they're going to say there is some sort of limit, usually 3500 minutes in or out so 6000 minutes is a good deal. If you prepay a year's worth of service, you get 2 months free so that works out to be $11.25/month. If you don't really talk all that much, get a pay as you go plan. 1.1 CENTS per minute to anywhere in the US and $5/month. That's the better deal if you don't talk more than 568 minutes per month. You still get 3000 incoming minutes free. EDIT: As far as reliability is concerned, these digital services are only as reliable as your high speed internet connection is. If you lose internet, you'll lose the phone too. It'd be a good idea to get your cable company to come out there and replace the lines if you are having problems like that. I have a new line run to my house and very rarely have connectivity problems. Only if the power goes out. For a cell phone, I'd get just a pay as you go if you don't have a cell already. $20 for 3 months of service. Or you could just have an unactivated cell phone as they will be able to dial 911 in an emergency and that's $0/month. If you're hesitant about trying any of these other services, why not call Bell South and talk to someone in retentions. Tell them you think you're paying too much and you can get all this stuff for less than $14/month. See what they can do for you. I doubt they'll match the price but I bet they'll give you a significant discount off the $95 price tag to keep you as a customer. EDIT#2: Even if you disconnect with Bell South and have no landline provider, you can keep a wired phone hooked up to it for 911. Also, VoIP telephone providers are NOT exempt from the E911 regulations. You cannot have a US telephone number VoIP or otherwise and be a resident of the US and not have your location show up at the 911 dispatcher. Companies that cannot provide this service no longer provide US numbers to US residents. As for using a UPS to power your cable modem and ATA (analog telephone adapter for VoIP), this may not work for you. In fact, it didn't for me at my last two places of residence. If your electricity goes out, it's likely that the electricity that powers the bidirectional amplifiers on the cable company's hard line is out as well. No amplifiers, no signal. No signal, no service. Doesn't matter if you have your modem and ATA powered if there's no signal for it to work with. That's what I like about satellite TV service. The electric can be out at the house and I can fire up an inverter or a generator and still watch TV. Unfortunately, satellite internet services aren't VoIP friendly so no dice there.

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