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Billy asked What is the most efficient size generator for me?

I am interested in using four to six deep cycle 115 amp hour batteries, one modified sine 2000 watt invertor, one pure sine inverter 200 watts for the power system in my RV. Let's just say that i want these batteries at full charge. What is the minimum size generator I need? How do I charge the batteries with the generator or do I need a charger?

And got the following answer:

one phone call to these pros they will sure help out a lot. you would need a charger, a generator is 110v and 220v ac and your batteries are D.C the charger has a built in inverter. a 2500 watt generator will run a charger and the batteries will charge fast for you but still better to call and get a second person to back it up before you dump money you may not need to. here is there number its free 800) 429-6199 Toll-Free

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