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dw2004 dw2004 asked How to welding Stainless steel?

I want to welding Stainless steel(Such as CrNi19 9,CrNi 18 8 6 and CrNi cored wire),How to welding?What kind of welder welding these materials can? Requirements: 1 Welding excellent performance. 2, Can direct connection robot welding. 3, Have MIG, Pulse MIG, DOUBLE Pulse MIG, TIG and Pulse TIG welding method. 4, The TIG welding have HF arc starting function. The know these information please tell me. Thank you!

And got the following answer:

Use Nebula digital Welding machine to welding Stainless steel! The Nebula digital welding machine 500D/500E is a high performance welding machine. 1.Professional MMA,TIG,Spot TIG,Pulse TIG,MIG,Pulse MIG,Double pulse MIG standard welding in one machine 2.Excellent welding properties-innovative inverter technology with digital control for a stable arc easy-to-master weld pool,improved and problem-free welding of critical electrodes and adjustment option of the welding characteristic(arc forcing)to all electrode types 3.Built DEVICENET bus, without any additional equipment, can be directly connected ABB,Fanuc,Kuka,OTC,Comau and Motoman robot. 4.High-frenquency(100KHz) soft switch and self-fit control techonogly that can increase dynamic characteristic and welding performance. 5.Synergic one-dial operation with optimum preset values for welding current and antomatically assigned wire speed. 6.Fast visual check of the welding parameters during and after welding.E.g.for welding supervision,welding data documentation,etc. 7.Welding with the world's highest performance, welding Carbon Steel,CrNi19 9,CrNi 18 8 6,AlSi 5,AlMg 5,Al 99.5,CuAl 9,CuSi 3,Rutil cored wire,Basic cored wire,Metal cored wire,CrNi cored wire. For more information, please visit the Nebula's web site:

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