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Sharaf asked Pressure sensor selection?

What parameters should I ask a customer about in order to choose a proper pressure sensor for his application

And got the following answer:

Determine the purpose, what it is to be used for. The price range. Determine which type - absolute, differential or gauge. Determine the pressure range, any overpressure should be included. The power supply, or method of connection into a circuit. What is the output signal (for example current loop, voltage or RS232). Is the customer able to interface it in house. What medium will it operate in (for example the working fluid could be a gas, steam, a liquid, seawater, acid, alkali, oil, wax, food). This leads to what materials used internally, operating temperature and so on. The pressure port connection (thread type etc). The accuracy. This is an important selection in determining the price usually. Typically, an overall accuracy of 0.1% of full scale is quite good, and it is not easy to obtain calibrations better than that. Take care, as there are many ways to say what accuracy is. Consider effects of temperature range, linearity, hysteresis, offset and calibration. Pre-calibrated or not, including calibration accuracy. Interchangeability. Does the client simply want to plug an exact replacement in without need to adjust. Environmental ratings (waterproof, dust proof, for example IP ratings). Size and weight. A sales person needs to be aware of all the specifications of the product range, especially so he can point the customer at a particular model. What are the pros and cons of different models.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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