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a2z h asked Air Screwdriver OR Electric Screwdriver? Which One?

I am about to open a small assembling workshop of metal box. I was advised to use pneumatic (air) screwdrivers in assembling but I found it highly costing. I need 6 air screwdriver, which need big compressor what is over my budget. All what I need, a machine that can drill and tighten screw nails in the same time in thickness of metal from 0.5 mm to 1mm. Can't I use electric screwdrivers instead of pneumatic ones? What are the differences between both of them as in small workshop like mine? Thanks in advance

And got the following answer:

Hello a2zh, In answer to your question, If you are just starting out, then stay within your budget, use cordless or corded drills with variable speed and clutch control/torque settings. Over the years I have had several business, and always made money before buying the more expensive items. Cordless drills are excellent, especially if you use the 18 volt Lithium batteries. The advantage of cordless is no hose, no noisy compressor to ruin your day, and most cordless drills will secure many fastenings before the battery needs recharging. I have bought Dewalt tools, Bosch, Craftsman and Skill. I have not noticed any difference in the amount of screws I can secure per charge, but Skill batteries do not seem to last as long as Dewalt or Bosch. Just recently I purchased a 21.6 volt Kawasaki drill from Costco, Although it's too early to tell how long the batteries are going to last, the drill is excellent, nice and light and was only $45 with two batteries and a case and one hour charger. When I say that I do not know how long the batteries last, I do not mean per charge, I mean per life of the battery. I am a contractor, and use drills every single day, for many different projects, and when the batteries fail to hold the charge, I just buy a new tool. The major cost factor is the battery, why spend $70 per battery,? when i can get a new drill for a few bucks more. You say that you are using metal to 0.5 mm to 1mm Based upon my own personal experience with cordless drills, you could secure many fixings per charge with that thin material. I can secure all the decking boards of a 10x12 deck on one charge and that is without any pre drilling, the boards are about 1 inch thick and the srews are 2.5 inches long. I just realized that you use the term mm, and I have been quoting you prices in dollars. Maybe you live outside of the US and use the metric system, if so, tools in England are about three times the price, and maybe if you are outside of the US, perhaps you should go on line and look at tools from here, they are very cheap. I wish you luck in your venture and trust this information shall be of benefit to you. If you do live outside of the US here are a few companies to search for tools Please send me an email if you need more information, I shall be happy to assist. By the way, I am British and moved to the US about 5 years ago, that is why I know about the metric system. Good luck Paul M.

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