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transparent101 asked Does strobe effect reduce the lifespan of a led flashlight?

I have a led flash light (a nuflare rebel 90) and i was wondering if doing a strobe effect (switch it on and off real quick) or using it short busts at a time will reduce the lifespan of the flashlight? Or does it have the same effect compared to when its constantly lit?

And got the following answer:

if it does, its negligible. all you'll be doing is tiring out the fingers and slightly extending battery life. regular light bulbs actually don't suffer from turning on/off rapidly frequently either, since nearly all lamps are designed to be used in the home with regular line frequency, the bulb filament is actually being turn on and off 120 times a second really, really quickly. where ever you heard that turning on/off a lamp alot will reduce its working life time its an urban myth. its just not true. actually, many quality LED flashlights (like a Surefire or Gerber) have a strobe function in their flashlights, the LED is guaranteed to last just as long as LEDs without the strobe feature. I have one such high end flashlight (aka "torch"), its an unregistered spin off from a Surefire tactical LED torch (saved me about $100- but still very expensive), the strobe effect actually extends battery life about 20% and doesn't reduce the LED working life whatsoever.

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