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livewire1_1_1 asked what is the cheapest way to make a LED grow light. ?

i konw you have to have a 660nm wavelength of the red spectrum, but where do you get the right leds to make that. every led grow light i find is about 300 and the cheap ones i see have bad reviews. i want a grow light but i dont want to have high wattage or spend a dick ton of money. and dont ask me what im growing. hehe

And got the following answer:

if its weed your growing.....jokes...hum you might need to go with an actual light bulb not an LED. in my experience LED's are only good for small projects and informing you that your computer is turned on, not lighting rooms. although you can buy LED bulbs they aren't really that great of an investment. You should go to a home depot and ask someone what light fixture and bulb you should use. Hope i helped. -Zack

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