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Howdy asked What would be a good size power inverter to power a normal laptop in a personal vehicle?

I work on the road a lot and need to use my laptop to send paper work via E-mail from my personal vehicle. I was looking at an 80 watt continuous/200 watt peak power inverter from Harbor Freight. Something small and least expensive. I don't know to much about power inverters and am looking for some good solutions.

And got the following answer:

Well the peak power doesn't matter, that is the first thing you need to know. All the "peak power" means is that for a fraction of a second it can produce/handle that much power. Continuous is the real amount of power you'll want to compare with. Your laptop should say somewhere how many watts it uses to charge. Maybe on the power brick or battery somewhere. To be honest i doubt your charger will take less than a 100Watt light bulb but you never know.

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