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OsmoticPressure asked Only purple lights are blurry?

an example would be christmas lights, I can see them all perfectly except the purple ones, they're blurry to me, and some blue, but mostly purple. It's only happened with a few specific lights so far, but theyre always blurry to me and nothing else is. not all purple lights, not the ones that are reg. lights with purple painted bulbs, just like the led ones that are purple. I use to be drawn to them I didn't know why, but now that i pay more attention its because I can't seem to focus on them perfectly, they come off as blurry Is this normal?

And got the following answer:

Some "purple" lights are actually black lights (Commonplace in nightclubs). If you look at black lights, you will not be able to focus on them properly and they will damage your eyes. Find out if these lights are black lights. Black lights make the color white glow in the dark, including your teeth, white teeshirt, and lint

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