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Quinn asked Can a 20 gallon top-fin aquarium starter kit, which includes a hood with LED lighting, support reef life?

I am planning on having a reef tank and i'm having trouble finding out if the LED lighting that comes with the top fin hood can support corals, anemone, invertebrates, etc. I called and ask the company and they couldn't give me an answer about the wattage or use of reef growing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! I was thinking about getting T5 lighting for my aquarium but i'm just starting so i'm not really sure what I need. I've also upgraded my filtration system to a 50 gallon. I am still in the cycling process as far as my tank is concerned and am trying to learn as much as possible before i add live rock, fish, corals etc.

And got the following answer:

The answer is no. This aquarium kit is honestly not a great choice for a marine aquarium, let alone a reef tank. Im not saying that you can't keep saltwater fish in it and some non photosynthetic inverts, but you really need to modify things or you might have problems. The filter system is too small and in a 20 gallon tank, keeping the water quality optimal and stable will be difficult. This is one reason that they recommended larger saltwater tanks as they are easier to maintain and you aren't as limited on fish options. I am not trying to discourage you from keeping a marine tank (reef or otherwise) because I am a fish fanatic and I work in the hobby. I just want to be honest with you and share some experience so that you don't learn the hard way (and expensive way.) As was previously mentioned, there are led lighting systems that are excellent for reef tanks, but the good ones are pricey but they are getting cheaper slowly. The truth is that you will want a bigger tank once you realize how limiting a 20 gallon is. I started 13 years ago with a 29 that quickly transfered to a 40 then 55 then 75 gallon and if I had the space and money, I would go much bigger. It is okay to learn with a smaller tank but it will force you to be very careful and patient (which are two qualities that lead to success). Just beware of spending big bucks on a small tank because you will have to buy all new equipment when you upgrade to a bigger tank. Please dont try to keep corals or anemones in this current tank as they will slowly perish with inadequate lighting. You MIGHT be able to keep some mushroom corals (disc anemones) or button polyps under the lights you have, but I am not recommending it. One more thing, please do plenty of research about any animal that you want before you buy it. Find someone with knowledge and experience to help you if possible and get a good book for info. The internet is full of info but there is as much bad info as good so until you have the knowledge base to sift through the garbage, use caution with internet info. Good luck to you and your tank. Happy fishkeeping.

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