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BreeBree asked Does anyone know of a good, classy nail salon or spa in Stockton, CA?

I am taking my 12 year old and her 10 year old sister to the salon to get manicures and pedicures for her birthday tomorrow. I don't want to take them to any old nail salon, I would like a nice, classy salon to take them to. Any tips? Or, if you know of any sites where people can post reviews and nail salon suggestions, please let me know!

And got the following answer:

A number of years ago, I lived off of N West Lane near Hammer Lane and I remember tbat there was a nail salon (I do not remember the name of the place but it was on the West Ln side of the center) in a shopping center in the same place as the SMart Foods and one place you DON'T WANT TO GO TO is that little place. When Silk Wrap was in style for fake nails, I went there and I don't know if they were in a bad mood, but there were 4 Vietnamese young girls there and they used a Rotary drill on the quick part of my nails and literally left gouges in them during one of the steps. One rule of thumb when you go to a nail salon is to make sure there is no scent of strong chemicals because that is a sign that they are thinning out their polishes. You also want to make sure that the polishes don't dry too quickly. You can go to, the Better Business Bureau for San Joaquin County (I don't know what the website is, but just type Better Business Bureau in your web browser and try to find the one for San Joaquin County) or and see if you can find any reviews. Good Luck!

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