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Finance Guy asked How do I convert 110 out door path light fixture to low voltage or LED?

I have about a dozen 110 "mushroom" fixturesin my garage (one of those projects that never got done) and two spot lights. I'd like to convert them to LED or low voltage. Does anyone know of any adaptors that will do the job simply without tearing out the wiring, like maybe a screw in base? I'm not very familiar w/electrical fixtures bit since I have invested over $400 in these things, and they are just taking up space in my garage, does anyone have a suggestion? Manufacturer, where to buy etc. Thanks in advance for your help.

And got the following answer:

12 V automotive and RV bulbs are available that had a medium (standard) base. I've attached a link to a site which has bulbs ranging from 15 watts up to 100 watts. My recommendation though is to install these things as originally intended. Properly installed, you rill probably have less issues with line voltage lighting than with low voltage lighting, where you will have to deal with greater voltage drop and are limited by the capacity of a transformer. Since you are not familiar with electrical wiring, I suggest you pick up a book like "Wiring Simplified" and consult the manufacturer's instructions in order to properly install the fixtures.

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